eLearning Development

TMJ/TMD in your Dental Patient

Tools: Articulate Rise, Canva
Created For: The Institute for the Treatment of Craniofacial Pain
Project Description: This course was developed for clinical dental assistants who are new to treating TMJ patients. By the end of this eLearning course, the learner will have the knowledge and expertise when working with the doctor in helping to define, diagnose, and develop the best treatment for their TMJ patients. This course can also be found on cebroker.com

SOAR Method

Tools: Camtasia, Canva, Vyond
Created For: IDOL Courses Academy Project
Project Description: This video was developed as part of a final course project through IDOL Academy Courses. The voice-over script was provided by IDOL and the remaining parts of the video were left up to the student to create with their own scenarios. Mandatory criteria included creating an intro, outro, scenes, annotations, adding music, selecting animations, and applying transitions. Additionally, I created and inserted my own Vyond video that would help the learner further understand the concepts of the SOAR method.(Vyond portion does have watermark as it was created during a free trial)